The Process

The Process

How Does the Process Work?

 If you would like more detailed information and information on upcoming available mortgages please fill out our Private Investor Form.

 Once you commit to a Mortgage, we need to know how you want to be vested on Mortgage. We send you a package consisting of:

  • Investment Analysis Sheet
  • Loan Application Fannie Mae 1003
  • Copy of Tri Merge Credit Report
  • Preliminary Title Report
  • Full Appraisal or Sales Comparables report with Digital Photos
  • Any other relevant documents
  • Title Company Contact information

 You send Funds to the title company via mail, wire or in person. Upon closing, the Escrow company will mail you the following:

  • Original Promissory Note
  • Assignment of the Note
  • Certified copy of recorded Mortgage
  • Certified copy of recorded Assignment of Mortgage
  • Hazard, Flood (If applicable) & Windstorm Insurance Loss Payee
  • Certified copy of Request for Notice of Delinquency, if applicable
  • Purchaser/Lender Disclosure Form
  • Servicing Agreement

 Within 30 to 45 days you will get the Title Insurance policy in the mail from the Title Company showing you as the insured, and the recorded Original Mortgage and Assignment of Mortgage.

 If you need more information feel free to call (305)796-4799 or fill out our Private Investor Form. With this form you can give LendAmerica Financial some ideas as to your parameters and requirements of your desired Mortgages. For example, do you invest money in only First position mortgages or will you take a Second position mortgage?

 You can also go to the Mortgages Available and see what  Mortgages are available. Keep in mind that few Mortgages make it to this page as we do send emails, faxes or call our investors  when we start a loan process. Many properties are taken by our pool of investors before they even make it to the site. So fill out our Private Investor Form and send us an email or call us whenever you are ready to start investing.

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