Mortgage Investing


Mortgage Investing

Mortgage investing is still one of the safest investments you can make that also offers you a high return.

Finding the choice investment in mortgages can be a tedious job for the uninitiated. Successfully accomplishing it on your own can be difficult. Using a mortgage investment professional team to find, structure, buy and help arrange servicing for your mortgage can lower your cost, expand the marketplace for you, lower your risk and increase your return tremendously.

LendAmerica Financial provides you with unique opportunities to invest in high-yield individual mortgages secured by real estate supported with the borrower's personal guarantee.

We save you time, money and effort by spending thousands of dollars every month to search for these lending opportunities and sifting through hundreds of loan scenarios just to find one choice investment with a high yield, structured to reduce risk and improve the safety of your investment. 

All this is done by experienced professionals who are available to answer your questions and help you throughout the life of the investment. 

For our private investor clients who require high returns for reasonable financial risks, we provide custom created mortgages that earn 12% or more annually and are structured to reduce risk 6 different ways.

Unlike most existing mortgages created by seller carry back financing, mortgages by LendAmerica Financial are specifically structured to address issues of risk that should concern all investors in today's challenging economy. 

Our Mortgage Loans for Sale includes the following features to help control risk:

1.       Lots of Equity - at least 40 - 50% of value to offset potential declines in property value or to recover your investment

2.       Prepaid for Up to One Year - extra security with a portion of the loan proceeds held in escrow in case borrower experiences financial trouble 

3.       1st Mortgages only - superior control in the event you need to recover your investment and exit 

4.       Non-owner Occupied Properties only - more options for protecting, controlling and retrieving your investment 

5.       Rental Income - cash flow from income producing properties can help borrower maintain payments or help investor offset loss of monthly payments

6.       Prepayment Fee - compensates for the risk of having to reinvest at a lower rate if the borrower repays early

Underwriting, documentation and servicing

The decision on whether or not to approve a loan is primarily based on the amount of equity in the property.  If the real estate property has the required equity, adjusted for the current economic environment, then we measure and analyze the borrower's characteristics and ability to repay the loan.  

All of this information is gathered, shared and discussed with the investor as well. 

LendAmerica Financial and its network of service partners supports you, and helps you buy mortgages by preparing, then sharing the research, due diligence and documentation and making arrangements for the  loan servicing of mortgages, if requested.

Loan servicing includes the back-office tasks of collecting payments from borrowers, disbursing payments to the investor, mailing required notices, monitoring the status of senior liens and encumbrances, maintaining adequate borrower insurance coverage, and coordinating foreclosure proceedings if necessary.

All mortgages for sale are insured by a reputable nationwide Title Insurance Company, and LendAmerica Financial funding reviews all appraisals to confirm values prior to loan approval.

All costs that are related to underwriting, documentation and servicing of the loan are paid by the borrower.

Then call 305-796-4799 for more information on how to buy mortgages safely and profitably.

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