Documents That Secure Your Mortgage Investment

What Documents Secure Your Mortgage Investment?
Real estate "Mortgage Investing" can be classified as a secured investment because it is secured with real estate. The security is in the value of the property.

In other words, the mortgage secures the repayment of the loan according to the amount, terms and conditions written in the promissory note, and the property identified in the mortgage is what secures your investment.

The checklist of documents and instruments is substantially the same for most individual loan transactions.

As an investor, you receive the following documents:

  • The recorded mortgage
  • The original promissory note
  • A copy of the borrower’s loan application, credit report and any other related documentation
  • A title policy which describes coverage and guarantees title to the property
  • A hazard insurance policy with a loss Payee Clause in favor of the Lender/Investor
  • An appraisal report
  • A recorded assignment of the note and mortgage

 Your mortgage loan broker will provide you with all of the documentation required for the loan. The services of an escrow agent or title company will make certain that all of your instructions are fully satisfied before the transaction is completed.

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